DEADLINE: Two Weeks!

Okay, writers. This is nearly it. You've got


to the writing contest deadline.

The MOST lucrative, MOST prestigious, and MOST fun contest....ours!

the 20th Annual SiWC Writing Contest

Deadline: Midnight, September 14.

What will it be?

The perfect haiku?

A fragment of memory, sweetly told?

An Epic Poem in Alien Doggerel?

Or a quintessential heart-pounding spellbinder?

Whatever story you have in you, type it out and send it in. $15/entry, a price that hasn't changed in years, and 100% of which goes back to supporting the contest and the conference we all love.

Two's plenty of time. You can do it!

The prizes? $1000 in each and every category for the winners. Honouerable mentions win $150 each -- every winner gets their work published in our contest anthology.

It's time to get real...and get writing!


See you in two weeks!




kc dyer, Contest Coordinator

& General Conference Dogsbody and, of course,

sweetly tweeting