Our Annual Ride-Share Blog 2012

With just one week until SiWC, it's time for our annual ride share blog!

Like our annual room share blog, this one's all about the comments. Looking for someone to share a ride from the airport or the ferry terminal? Post in the comments. Want to carpool from other parts of YVR? Post that, too.

It's helpful to say whether you are looking to share a cab, be a carpool driver or be a carpool passenger as well as where you'll be coming from (airport, ferry, area of town) and what day and approximate time. Please be smart about your safety. Don't post your address or flight number or other specifics here. We provide this comment trail for your convenience by popular request, but we don't know many of the people who post and we do not get involved in this process. Carpool arrangements are made at your own risk.

See you in a week!