SiWC Chapters Fundraising Gala

Holy Crow -- it's almost here!

SiWC2012 is three weeks away today -- and preparations are going strong.

This year, our bookselling partner, Chapters Indigo, is helping us kick things off in a big way. On Thursday, October 18th they are throwing us a great big fundraising* party at the Strawberry Hill Store in Surrey.

When you join us for a 1920's cocktail-style party from 6-9 pm, you'll have an opportunity to chat with your favourite best-selling writers over refreshments, and get your books signed on the spot. Part of every sale for the evening goes to our conference -- so come do your Christmas shopping early!


Care to hear who will be joining us? How about...

Mary Balogh, author of nearly 100 love stories, including the upcoming SURVIVORS septet.

Diana Gabaldon, author of the brilliant OUTLANDER series and the brand new A TRAIL OF FIRE.

JJ Lee, author of THE MEASURE OF A MAN, one of the most lauded Canadian books of 2012.

Chris (CC) Humphreys, author of A PLACE CALLED ARMAGEDDON and many more.

Michael Slade, Author of the Special X series and his most recent RED SNOW.

Jack Whyte, whose latest novel THE RENEGADE will be premier at this event.

Tell your friends, neighbours, relatives! Come one come all!



Thursday, October 18, 2012

6-9:00 pm

Chapters Strawberry Hill,

12101 72nd Avenue, Suite 100
Surrey, British Columbia


A giant thank you goes out to Leslie, Mary Lynn and the staff at Strawberry Hill Chapters for their support of our conference.

See you all there!



kc dyer

SiWC Conference Director

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*[This is a fund-raiser, so Plum cards and some of the deeply discounted titles available will not be eligible.]


Kudos to the Strawberry Hill Chapters and everyone involved. What a great idea. It *almost* makes me sorry that I'll be at the Master Class Thursday evening. At least there will be other opportunities during the weekend to encounter those authors and their books.

Sounds like fun! I wonder if I can get a sub for the afternoon so I can drive down in time for this event? Do we RSVP? Or just show up with a smile?

No charge! We'd love if you'd do your early holiday shopping, though -- it is a fundraiser for our conference!


No charge! We'd love if you'd do your early holiday shopping, though -- it is a fundraiser for our conference!


Hmmm... this sounds like fun, but I'm not sure I can dig up something that will spruce up my look for the Roaring 20's look - is the costume necessary or can I just come as I am?

I'm sewing amid the editing, writing, and reading(damn serger is not being cooperative, but I will persevere!). I've got they day off to drive to Surrey early enough to make this event. I've got orders to pick up Whyte's Renegade, and I'm sure I'll find more! :-)

Whooo hoo! See you in 12 days!

PS. I hope there'll be non-alcoholic cocktail options. I am wild enough without any intoxicants!

Will there be an opportunity to have our books signed at the gala or is that strictly happening on Saturday at the book fair?

You can have your books signed at the Thursday night Gala AND at the Saturday evening Book Fair.


So wait- if we HAVE our wonderful 1920s costume, will others be in costume at the gala? Or should I save it for Friday night at the conference? (I have to bring a larger suitcase to accommodate this costume! lol I've got more baggage for SIWC than I take for 2 weeks in Europe! :-S ) And "yay!" re: mocktails!

Friday night is our costume night, Shawn, but you are welcome to come costume to the Gala! It will add to the ambiance!

Is this earlier than last year? I thought it was 7pm start time...Diana posted something on one of her pages about it being 7pm as well...I'll barely make it for 6:30 from New West in traffic :(