Registration is LIVE!

Better get cracking!

 Registration is now LIVE on the site. 


Just a note -- the school district is having a few staffing difficulties this week, so if you have a problem with your on-line registration, just drop me an email at and I'll give you a hand.


See you in October!




When will you post a list containing the actual workshop information? I like to see this before registering. Thanks, Julia

The workshop information has been posted for awhile now at the right under the 2008 schedule, listed under each day's schedule.

I'd like to register for the conference and get a room at the hotel but the link doesn't work for me. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?

Obviously I didn't look hard enough.  Thanks for the tip.  It looks like the usual great schedule.  Julia

@Carol: You're not doing anything wrong. The link isn't working. I'm working with the Sheraton to get a working link and had hoped to have something up today, but it didn't happen. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday. I believe, but am not 100% sure, that you can request the group rate by telephone.

Dale is correct -- you can request the conference rate if you call by phone. There is a toll-free number, too.



@Julia: If you have any suggestions about how to make the information easier to find, I encourage you to submit a suggestion to the webmaster via the contact form:

I can't promise any changes, but we're always trying to improve the site.