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The blog posts are going to be coming fast and hard over the next couple of weeks, so grab a tight hold of your keyboard and get ready for a wild ride!

Now, when I am not typing up a storm around here, one of the places I hang with my writer buddies is the CompuServe on-line Books & Writers forum. It's a great place for a lively discussion, to ask a research question or two and to hang out with a bunch of SiWC regulars.

One of the folks on the forum who is attending the conference sent me off a few questions, and I thought this might be the best place to answer some of here goes. 

If you have more questions, fire away in the comment section and I'll do my best!

1. What and how many copies of your wip should you take? For instance, I already have the pitch, which isn't on paper, but in my head. I assume bringing a query, synopsis and the first few pages is in order?

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While most people wil NOT want to see your wip in its entirety, the odd editor or agent might be so captured by your prose that they want to see more...and RiGHT NOW! My suggestion to you is to have a copy of your wip on hand, if you can. You will more likely need to have an excerpt or two of the first few pages, so I would bring a few copies of your opening scene, if you plan to pitch at all. (Have a look at the blog post from Lorna Suzuki...let's see...two posts ago. One thing about Surrey -- you need to expect the unexpected!)

2. I plan on taking lots of pictures. Does anyone object to that?

Nope. Just please don't use a flash when a presenter is speaking to a group -- it's very distracting. And if you want to share your pix with us, we'd love to have them. You can contact me at 

3. Can you record the sessions for personal use?
We don't have a mandate against this, but it is ALWAYS best to check with presenters first. And definitely don't tape anything for broadcast in any form. You're crossing into copyright territory there, and permission is required.

4. Someone suggested making business cards. Is this a good idea?
If you have 'em, bring 'em. If you don't, well -- you have to make the decision. It is a professional courtesy that agents and editors appreciate. Business cards can be made cheaply and easily on your home computer using cardstock from a stationary store -- might be better to go that route if you don't regularly use cards but want a few to hand out at the conference.

5. Is it cold enough up there this time of year to require a coat?

Okay, so the person who wrote this question is from Texas. Julie? BRING A COAT. =)

For those of you from the rest of Canada or the northern climes of the US, it's not actually that cold here in October. But trust me when I say it will likely rain. (It is pouring now, as I type this.) We have had a few beautiful fall days over the 16 years of the conference...but only a few. A raincoat is a good idea if you plan to leave the hotel.

And just as an aside, it is really easy NOT to leave the hotel, as things are SO busy, but if you value your sanity and your physical health at all, slapping a coat on and doing a lap or two around the block or across the street to the mall will work wonders on your mental health.

6. What about perfume?

Good question. Leave it at home. Close quarters, high allergy rates these's just easier without. We love you just the way you smell naturally! (Maybe I should re-phrase that....)

7. How does the Masque work? Is it the banquet? Can we wear our costumes as opposed to running around trying to change?

Aha. Well, the Masque? It's going to warrent a post all its own. Coming soon!



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