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One of the coolest things to come out of the conference is the collegiality that emerges among once perfect strangers. Writers have a sacred and unusual bond, livng as we all do in the weird and wonderful worlds found inside our own gray-matter.

SiWC offers a chance to connect some of these worlds, and that's what I'd like to do with this post. If you attended the conference (or even if you just wanted to attend, but couldn't manage to make it this year) and you want to connect with fellow and sister writers, this is the place to be. Here's a chance to connect with other writers in your area.

Now, I'm just going to note the names and info of those who spoke directly to me, but if you want to start a writing group in YOUR area and I didn't mention it here -- well, then add your name and email into the comment section, and wait for the deluge! (Or trickle, as the case may be...)


Here's what I have to date. If you gave me your name and didn't pass on your email, you can add it into the comments.


Karalee Greer is moving to Kelowna and is looking to join/form a writers' group for adult fiction. karalee@davidgreer.ca


From Mari Kane --

Here is the link to our group, West End Writers Workshop:

The West End Writers Workshop provides a group atmosphere for beginning, emerging and published writers to critique works-in-progress by reading and receiving feedback, to run an annual writing contest, and to occasionally host guest speakers. 

WEWW meets from 7pm to 9:30 pm on the first three Tuesdays of the month from September to June at Barclay Manor in Vancouver's West End.


Colleen Friesen is looking for a group in downtown Vancouver. (Check out the West-enders, Colleen!)

Barbara Anderson gave me her name for Vancouver, too, as did Laura Vogt.


Connie Sinkler-Thomas is looking for a group in Surrey.


Laurel Bieber is looking for a group in Abbotsford.


Where else would you like to form a group? Add it to the comments!





Hi, For anyone interested there is a WGA critique group that meets the first and third Thursday of every month at the Signal Hill Indigo in Calgary. All are welcome and you don't have to be a member of the Guild to join. Just come with some pages and we'll get you started.  

Great conference! Just what I needed to boost my confidence. (Unfortunately, those desserts also boosted my waistline...)

I would like to connect with writers in S. Langley, if possible, with a view to forming a small critique group. I write mysteries. Anyone in my neighborhood?


Ruth, the Langley Writers' Guild meets in the Langley City Library (20399 Douglas Crescent in Langley)  three Thursday mornings a month (10 a.m. until noon) for critiques, instruction, etc. Some members are published, some are not; writing in all genres. Newcomers are welcome. If interested you can e-mail me: cjgarvin at shaw dot caCarol Garvin 

I know you wrote this comment a year ago.  I'm thinking of starting a new group.  I too live in New West and don't drive.  There are a few groups around, and I'm thinking of taking part in one.  Let me know how you are doing.


I have recently moved to Edmonton from Calgary. I am interested in starting or joining a writers/critic group.

Hello Shiela,

Did you get a writing group started in Edmonton?  I'm very interested:)  I look forward to your reply.

Brea Ch

VERY interested in joining an edmonton group. Did anyone get one started yet? If not, let's do it--although I have no idea how to go about this :)

Surfing for a writing group and I find you.  I live in Edmonton and am VERY interested!


Hi Sheila;  Have you had any success finding/starting a writing group here in Edmonton. I have been working on a novel for a while and have been involved in a couple of groups with varying degrees of success.

Motivation is the key and the groups certainly help.

I would be interested in exploring another group  




I was also looking for a writers' club in Edmonton.  Have you been fortunate enough to locate one?   


Hi. Did anything come of this? I'm now looking for a group. 

I've been asked if there are any small groups meeting in Maple Ridge or Mission with members interested in critiquing and publication, but I don't have an answer. Does anyone else?


I have an answer, but not the best answer. I know of one group in Maple Ridge through meetup.com but as far as I know, they do not critique. So I am also looking for a group in Maple Ridge. I would be interested in starting one with other writers in the area.

Looking to join or start a writers group in Victoria. I can host a small group up in the Highlands at my wife's Yoga Studio.

I write mystery novels and humour/face novels based in the Canadian Army.


Loved the conference. I have written a first draft of a novel; Dancing at Your Own Funeral. I am looking for others who are completing their novels. I can host a writers group in Vancouver. And I am looking for a mentor, perhaps to coach the whole group? or just me? Thx, Tricia


Sadly, I had to watch the events of another SIWC from online ;-) Living on the wild West Coast and my home obligations have kept me from attending so far. Although this year had me thinking about the bags in the closet! Lots of interesting venues and the Masque!! Sounds great!

This thread inspired me to toss out a tidbit to see if there is anyone else in a 'rural' situation that would be interested in forming an online writing group... I have one small article published, and I am always buffing up my fiction, which leans towards horror and romantica... some may see those as one in the same ;-)

Love to hear from any other web-philes... you can reach me at donnadbythesea@hotmail.com

Thanks kc, looks like a huge place!!

I'll have a poke around and see what's waiting to be uncovered.


if there is anyone out there who considering attending a writer's
conference, I can recommend SIWC. The workshops were very good, the
meals were a great time to meet new people and do a bit of networking,
and with keynote speakers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, mealtimes
were also informative and in one case especially, entertaining - we
were led to sing a song about flirting hippopotomi - and it was truly

Thanks for the vote of confidence, course work -- and this year's going to be better than ever!

Looks like there's 4 interested (nance, colleen, brea, sheila). Add me as a fifth! How do we do this without broadcasting email addresses and phone numbers on this blog? A Facebook page maybe?

I would be interested in joing a writing club here in Edmonton.

I am new to this and I would appreciate any feedback as to how I may go about finding a suitable group.

Thank you.

I need motivation. A writing community. People who think like me (ie - way too much) and who are 'too sensitive', just like me.
I moved to Surrey not long ago. To BC five years ago.
Jen V.

Jen V., there are groups in the Surrey/Langley area that would undoubtedly be glad to welcome you. I happen to be in a group with great people, but it really doesn't meet my novel writing needs and am thinking of starting another group closer to my area: Maple Ridge, Mission, or even Abbotsford. The focus would be on fiction, any genre, with an end goal of publication. If you would be interested please e-mail me: chickaddd2007 [at] yahoo [dot] ca. Thanks.


Hi Carol, I would be very interested in going to a writing group in Abbotsford on any evening except Wednesday (on going prior committment)  Are you still considering that? 

Please let me know either by email above, or my phone at 778-880-0699.


Thanks, MJ

Hi , I am a seasonal white rocker and would love to join a group of writers, I have just completed my very first workshop in New Zealand and would love to keep it flowing. I am here for 6 months and memoir and fiction are my main interests so far. Love to hear from anyone in the neighbourhood, not into long drives sorry. Thankyou.

Hi there, I live in south surrey, not too far from White Rock.  I am also looking for a wiriters group. 

Lets keep in touch and see if anything comes up for either of us, I know of one group who meet in Ocean Park and could put you onto them , they meet on Wed mornings which isnt the best day for me.My hope is to find a Monday or Friday group or an afternoon group, fussy eh, but it has to work for you or you dont get there. Let me know if you would like to know more about the Ocean Park Group. Thankyou for replying to my request...cheers  Ros

I would love to be part of a small group of dedicated writers. I have one completed novel (Iunpublished - so far), and am two thirds through a second. Can meet any day.



I live in Ocean Park, am totally available on Wed mornings (most mornings actually) and would love to join a writing group.  Any info. is much appreciated :)

Thanks.  If you can email me it at mlchuback@shaw.ca.


I have written a first draft of a novel; Dancing at Your Own Funeral. I am looking for others who are completing their novels. I can host a writers group in Vancouver. And I am looking for a mentor, perhaps to coach the whole group? or just me?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, course work and this year's going to be better than ever....yes we can:)

There is the Canadian Authors Association (CAA). They meet on the last friday of every month, but I think they take a break in the summer months.
Other than that, maybe any edmontonians who are interested in forming a group can email me: solomonovichs@macewan.ca
There seems to be at least five or six of us, so maybe we could start our own group.

Surfing for a writing group and I find you. I live in London and am VERY interested!

VERY interested in joining an edmonton group. Did anyone get one started yet? If not, let's do it--although I have no idea how to go about this :)

I write mystery novels and humour/face novels based in the American Football.

I am a writing instructor and have had many requests to form a writing group in the Tri-ciities area. I am interested in forming a group in the new year. If you are serious about your writing and would like to help form a group for the purposes of motivation, feedback and networking please email me and let me know of your interest/goals, your current writing level/project and area.

Cowichan Writers Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wed. every month @ Cowichan Library in Duncan.

Is anyone looking for a writing/critique group in the Ladner/Tswa wassen (I know! - spelling?!) area?
I'm a total newbie but looking for critiques and support on a new project on which I'm currently working.
I suppose I could drive anywhere, but I thought I'd just throw out
the idea of meeting in the Ladner area. You know - keep it easy.
Let me know. :-)