Room Share...?


With just about exactly a month left until the conference, I'm hearing requests from volunteers and attendees to talk about room sharing. The Sheraton Hotel is not yet sold out, and the surrounding hotels are also offering special rates for attendees, so there are plenty of options for sharing a room with someone else coming to the conference.

This blog is a good place to start! If you'd like to share a room, or you have a room already and have space to share, leave a comment at the end of this post. Hopefully we can connect a few like-minded individuals and help save some money!


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I am going to be volunteering at the conference both Friday and Saturday (all day) and need someone willing to take me in for both nights.

I am an early riser (4:30 or 5 am normally)- and early to bed. (I usually crash by 9 pm unless I have a mid afternoon rest). I am quiet and NEED quiet/dark when I'm resting.

I can contribute to the cost, and am looking to share a room with just one other person. So if you are female, quiet, and don't mind a roomie who scoots out at 5 am to go to the gym downstairs let me know.

I am female, quiet, and your polar opposite about time. So if you wouldn't mind my scooting IN at 10 or 11 . . .My room is at the Sheraton, 2 queen beds, Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.  A reply to my email address would get my attention sooner than posting here . . . Barbara 

PS My email address doesn't seem to appear on the blog: it's bfreeman64@earthlink.netAnd if other females are looking for roomies and our first post-er finds someone equally insane (morning riser), maybe that would work instead. Barbara 

I'm in dire straights. I am a volunteer at the conference and still need someone to share a room with me - and time is running out. I can contribute a bit to the cost but there are two reasons I volunteer - one is the amazing folks that come to this conference as speakers/authors/agents/editors. The second is that being a volunteer is the only way I can afford to come at all. I'm not asking for a free ride - but am hoping to connect with another woman who keeps somewhat early hours (though I can stay up a bit late, I am not a night owl and do not stay up all night chatting or typing) who would not mind a very quiet, mostly invisible roomie for a couple of days. Thanks