The Schedule is Up!

The conference schedule is up and available for your viewing pleasure!

I'm very pleased to offer expanded viewing options this year. Last year there was only a generic overview with a detailed daily view of the workshops. This year each day has an overview with summary details and links to detailed information. There's also improved linking of speakers and workshops.

To everyone that's requested a grid view of the workshops, I'd love to have one, too! But with 10 concurrent workshop tracks (!!!) it's quite wide requiring title abbreviation and very small print, making the result less useful than one would hope. It's my hope the summary (just titles and speakers) and detailed list combination communicates the information equally as well or better. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions through the Contact Form or leave a comment. 

I'm also happy to include the keynote speakers and night owl activities in the daily overview schedule grid. In case you're wondering, I don't know what's happening Saturday night at 9pm, either. kc is being mysterious and not telling!


As always, I can't wait to get to Surrey. This year, I am most excited about the number of Plotting classes being offered. Can't wait!

As I travel quite a ways (Ohio, USA), I always try to cram in as much as I can, including two Master's Classes. I'm a bit disappointed that the earlier Master's Class session includes TWO classes that require submission and approval of material before registration, with the third being specific to children's literature. Wouldn't it be better to offer the restricted sessions during two different time slots? or make the third offereing something with more general appeal?

Hi Jenny,

Actually, only one of the Master classes in the afternoon session requires approval -- with a limit of 12 registrants, Jack's class is definitely one you have to work your way into. But Janet Reid is offering a marvellous class in the afternoon, which just requires the submission of a sample query letter. This gives Janet a starting point from which to begin, but there is no limit to the number of students in the class, so anyone who would like to join in (and has a query letter to work with) can attend.

Hope that helps clarify, Jenny!


kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator