Our 2013 Theme

In yesterday's newsletter, I offered a book prize to the person who could decipher our hints and come up with our theme for the year. Thanks for making it lots of fun for me, with a tremendous number of guesses coming in fast and furious, and no one wanting to admit defeat.

I'm delighted to award the theme-guessing book prize to Shari Green, who came up with not only the right answer, but a bunch of very creative alternatives, too. Thanks also to several others for your guesses. Loved seeing what you came up with. Unsurprisingly, attempting to distract writers by using an opposite that refers to printed text for the clue worked brilliantly, and the most common wrong guesses were about words and books and paper. Others were actually terrific, original ideas we should look at for future years. You guys are great!

Drum roll, please...

Our theme for this year's conference is heroes and villains.

If you're a costume person and are attending the full conference, Friday night's banquet is your chance to dress up in something theme-related. Your choices are pretty wide open with this one, and we can't wait to see what you come up with. If you're not a costume person, don't worry. You won't be alone in dressing like yourself. "Come as you like" is always our Friday banquet motto.

More soon!