This Day We WRITE: Contest News

Things are moving at lightning speed here around SiWC Central -- so much is happening!

In just two short weeks we will be in the throes of the latest and best SiWC ever! In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the short-lists for all the writing contest categories have been compiled, and the authors notified. If you didn't hear back from us this year -- I'm sorry! Please try again next year. The cost of entries goes ENTIRELY to the prizes, and you KNOW money in writers' hands is the best place for it. Next year, after many years at the same prize level, we've decided to up the ante -- you will have a chance to win a pass to #SiWC14 AND some cold, hard cash!

Details to be released soon -- on the first night of the conference this year, to be exact, along with the names of the lucky winners of the #SiWC13 contest.

For now, I'll bite my nails along with you as we await the judges' final decisions. I hope you'll be there to watch the winners pick up their prizes on Friday, October 24th at 7:00 pm.

See you then!



sweetly tweeting @kcdyer


Do you know what email address the information would have been sent from? (Juuuusssttt in case :) Want to make sure not in the wrong box).

Congratulations to all who made the short list!!

If you are not sure, email me at and I can let you know for sure. [That's the email your news would have arrived from, btw].


If you weren't shortlisted, your piece is now free to submit to a new start-up magazine called Pulp Literature, run by three SiWC writers, and we're eager for submissions! Each year we wonder what happens with the stories that didn't win. Don't give up on them. Share them with us. Our payment guidelines are subject to funding on our kickstarter campaign (see details on our website at