SiWC 13 in Review

Hello, All!

Have you recovered from #siwc13 yet? Are you already looking forward to next year? We've heard of a few people who're already counting the days. :)

But first, before we leave this year behind, we'd love your help archiving all things SiWC 2013. Did you blog about the conference? Take pictures you'd be willing to share? If you'd like to send them, we'd love to see them! Send us links to your blog posts and emailĀ us your pictures (kathychung at siwc dot ca). Please specificy if we can link to your post or use your photos on our website (credited, of course) or if they're for our eyes only.

And if you get your photos in by December 1, you'll be entered in our SiWC photo contest. And yes, there is a fabulous prize to be won!

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your words and photos, too.

More soon...


It's over! How sad, but the thoughts of SIWC2014 will keep my going til next year. An awesome job by all the organizers once again. This is the best conference for writers ever. Everyone is happy and on a writing high all weekend. At the end, you're exhausted, but it feels so good!

Can't wait to do it again next October. Kudos to all the volunteers and organizers nancy