Sharing A Room at Surrey




SiWC is all about connecting -- connecting with old friends, other writers, industry personnel.

The focus of this post, however, is to connect people interested in sharing space. I've had a number of requests from registering 'singletons' -- folks who are coming to the conference by themselves and are looking to share the expense of a hotel room.

If you are one of those people, add your name and contact number to the comments section below this post. If other folks contact us about this, we'll send them all here -- and you can take the initiative to find yourself a suitable room mate for the conference.

But remember -- CAVEAT EMPTOR! We're just providing the place for connections here -- we're not screening the entries. SiWC is a cosy family-friendly conference...let's keep it that way! 



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I have booked a double room at the Sheraton Guildfor for 2 nights, Fri. Oct 24 & Sat. Oct. 25, hoping for a roommate to save costs. I am female from Vancouver Island, an early riser, and not a partier. I have a novel I will be trying to pitch. If you are similar (women only) and want to share the cost, pls email me at

Judy Mayhew

Hi Judy,

Yes, I would like to share a room, in fact I emailed kc to request making connection with others needing to share costs of accommodation.

Could you plse provide details - cost for the double, are there 2 double beds or 2 queen size, check in times & if you have to check in first (i.e., no allowance for the sharee's to check in before you arrive)

Recently I attended a conference where there were 2 queensize beds and 4 of us shared the room. It worked out v. well, as we were all on the same page - focused on the conference. 

I too am not a partier, and am bringing my novel for exposure there. I'm single, live in Vernon, have been writing short stories (some publisherd) & my novel these past 7 yrs. I'd like to come back to the room for reprieve and down time - so would use it for some quiet time.

Plse let me know if you need more info.


Sorry, Patricia. Somebody already emailed me directly and we have arranged to share a room.  I have never stayed at the hotel before, but they told me I would have 2 queen size beds for $112/night + taxes.  Hope you are able to find another sharer.

Patricia, have you found a room, yet?  I have one with 2 queen beds, non-smoking, for $112CAD plus tax.  I'm married with 4 kids (I am coming alone, though), and I'm from Illinois.  I'm a rookie writer, this is my first writing conference, and I'm coming to learn.  I would use the room for quiet time, too.  Let me know if you're interested:

I've managed to book a room for Thursday to Sunday at the conference rate. It's got a king sized bed and a king sized sofabed. I had a room like this the last couple years, and I understand the sofabed is pretty comfortable, too. I'm a non-smoker, and fairly quiet. I'd been hoping to share with friends, but all my friends have decided, 'maybe next year'. Oh, and yes, I'm female, too. Anyway, I think it comes out to about $120 per night in total (the information is at home, and I'm at work), so that would be about $60 each per night. Unless more people join in to help split the cost -- sleeps 4! I posted this request to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild list (yes, I'm in SK), but no takers. Maybe it's just me...

I, too, would welcome a female room-mate. I have a room reserved with two queen beds, non-smoking, for $112CAD plus tax. I'm quiet and would probably spend little time in the room. I can be reached at

So far, Chanda & I are two in the room, however, we welcome 1 or 2 more participants to join us.
We are both quiet and need the room as a resting retreat from all the activity.
Who's interested in being kinda 'nun-like' for a few nights?
let us know.

Are you still open for roommates? I am a quiet woman looking forward to my first writers conference. Let me know.


Hi Dianne,

Yes, we are still welcoming a 3rd & 4th roommate. If you are still interested plse notify me asap and we'll hold the door wide open for you!!!


That's great Patrica - yes I'm still keen to share. Let me know how you'd like to proceed from here.


Hi Dianne,

You are roommate #3. So far, Chandra Landers from Illinois has the room booked in her name. She verified with me that she would notify the desk that any one of us could check in before her as she is arriving late. We will provide her our names - holding off right now to see if a 4th person shows up.

You can contact me at the email address above if you have questions. We'll keep in touch - plse let us know if you make a change in plan re: this room arrangement. Thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Patricia - sounds good so far - I'll be checking in Fri - I don't expect any changes and would let you know immediately if something happens to come up -

Thanks again,


Hey, Total night owl here has booked from Thursday to Sunday (i.e. check out Sunday morning).

I say "possibly interested" because I really am a night owl and suceptible to staying up late, making noise, even just clacking away on my laptop, and I constantly encounter other people's annoyance because of this. But I will also be setting my alarm to make sure I'm up in time for breakfast before the 9 AM gathering. Sleep is for the weak! Or at least, it can wait until the conference is done. :) 

The other reason is that my husband is being very wishy-washy about possibly joining me, but the answer is currently no (and will probably stay that way). 

I'm putting feelers out there to see if there is anyone of a similar bent ... Just e-mail me at sheana_t (at) hotmail if you're interested.

I have booked a room at the conference centre for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and am willing to share with another gentleman.

I do prefer to sleep at night, although I will be attending the night owl sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings.

If interested please e-mail me at

My husband surprised me last night and told me that not only do I get to go to my VERY FIRST conference (does the excitement show?) at SIWC, BUT I also get my first night EVER away from my family...

I'm a quiet person, for the most part, and do not like to be up late. I am looking to share a room with someone (Female only) who has already booked their room. I'll be volunteering both Friday and Saturday and only staying overnight on the Friday.

Please email at

If you're still looking for a roomie, I would love to share with you for Friday night. I'll be arriving EARLY on Friday (taking the red-eye from Chilliwack) and will be leaving around suppertime on Saturday.

Please email me at - I am a quiet woman who is going to the conference to volunteer, learn and meet other writers (and get away from her kids for the first time EVER). I'm also hoping to be able to pitch my pb to one specific publisher...

 If you book a room, I will gladly share.


I'm still looking for a roomie. I'm pretty quiet, and tend to be shy. Details are above. I'll be there from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning.

I'll share with you Beverly. Like you, I'm quiet, and this is my first conference. I'm going there to voluteer, so I'll be looking forward to sleep on Friday night. I'll be gone Saturday night.

Email me at and we'll sort things out.


Helen, if you're interested and still looking for a room, e-mail me at bjmuntain [at] sasktel [dot] net. And what do you say about having a third for one night? Maude seems like she won't be any trouble. :)

 I booked the room back in August, so it's there already. One kingsize bed and a kingsize pull-out sofa (which, I've been told by previous roommates, is pretty comfortable itself).

This is my third conference, Maude, and I love it so much I keep coming back. You'll enjoy it, too. Great people and lots of fun!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Beverly - it'll be nice to share a room for a night (not to mention, a lot less expensive). Where are you coming in from? I noticed the sasktel email addy.. I drove through Sask a few years back when my family and I migrated from Ontario to BC ...


Are you still interested, Helen?

Hi, I'm coming up from Seattle, and have a class on Thursday evening. Not sure about going to anything Sunday, so may head back Saturday night depending on how things go, but then may also want to stay Saturday. If sharing a room is contingent on staying Saturday, that'd be fine. Will contact some of the folks who posted above but feel free to contact me first. :) Thanks, Derek

Dear Derek:

 If you're interested in sharing a room with me, I already have a room booked for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Please e-mail me and let me know if you're interested.

All the best,


Hi all,

I'm still looking for a female night-owl who doesn't mind my late-night clacking keyboard to share with (a tall order, I'm sure). I have booked from Thursday through Sunday.

sheana_t @ hotmail . com

Well, I haven't heard from Helen, so I still have room for someone else. I'm quiet, but as long as the room isn't used for parties, I don't mind sharing with a not-quite-as-quiet person. So far, there's myself Thurs to Sun, and Maude will be there for Friday night. Still plenty of room with 2 king-size beds. (I don't mind sharing a bed with Maude, if someone else wants the other bed.)


All right, Sacha! We two Saskatchewan girls can share the room, with Maude joining us the one night. Cool! We're booked!

Perhaps we can arrange meeting time/place closer to the conference.

my email addy is mstephany at shaw dot ca


Hey, Mrs. Night Owl here again to say that yes, I still have a room to myself, if anyone is looking to share. Just drop me a line; sheana_t (at)


My name is Sheila

I don't have a room booked but am considering staying at the hotel as it makes the conference a more user friendly experience,instead of busing and skytraining from Vancouver. This is very last minute on my part. I don't want to share with a partier or night owl, no offense, butI am somewhat quiet, friendly, 50+ female, 1st time attending the conference. I typically head to bed by 11 or midnight. I don't like a lot of noise. I would like to share a room with another with a similar disposition. I can't afford the cost of a room alone.

Is anything still available?