It's Down to Mere Days Away....


If you see this man at our conference (what conference, you ask? Why, the Surrey International Writers' Conference, coming to you THIS WEEK!)  please feel free to shower him with Diamonds and Pearls. He's Jeffery McGraw and he'll be hosting our Diamonds and Pearls Romance panel on Friday morning.

 Not only that, he is a long-time conference favourite and a real GEM of a guy!

 Keep your eyes peeled -- there's a final newsletter rolling through the ether at you shortly. (What newsletter, you say? Why, The SiWC on-line newsletter. Sign up for it today!)

More last-minute details soon!


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Normal? It is for me. Although I think I passed panic mode last week and am now on the verge of a bad case of nervous exhaustion...


Well, unfortunately, or fortunately, I have been taking my pain meds as prescribed plus the sleeping pill so I have no pre-conference no sleep nights. I leave that to my web designer.

I gave up on the idea of having Paladin done. I'm fairly certain I will come away with so many ideas I will start over with it anyway.

It would be nice if I had more confidence in the pitch, query and first chapters, though.

Gee, I hope I spelled her name right... I just checked k.c.'s blog entry on Ms. Boissery's offer to help with pitches, and I noticed that you mentioned an interest. Go for it. The first year I attended, there were a couple of workshops (one a master class) on pitching. It was great. And practice does make perfect.

One of the workshops I attended that year was a 'coffee klatsh' with editor Jim Minz, where he had people give him their pitches and he critiqued them. The number one advice he gave -- and probably as helpful as any other advice I learned -- was BREATHE.

Let's hope I can remember that one when I have my agent interview this year...

Oh, I intend to sign up for the pitch thing if I can get in soon enough. My appointment is at 11:30 so not sure if I will have time.

I've been walking around the warehouse on my breaks practicing my pitch. The security guys seem to be watching me a lot closer now, but I'm sure lots of people walk around talking to themselves.

This probably isn't appropriate, but I have to say it. Isn't Mr. McGraw just the cutest thing? I love that smile.