About Surrey

Surrey Seen: What to do before or after the conference?

The following information was graciously provided by Lois Peterson of LP Word Solutions.

Surrey and vicinity Tynehead Regional Park - 96th Avenue and 168 St.
  • About 20-block walk from the Sheraton, or by car. Parking lot.
  • 5 km of walking trails, mostly wooded. Map of the park here.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
Green Timbers Heritage Society Urban Forest
  • Several entrances to this park – 6-8 blocks from the Sheraton.
  • 5 km of trails, some wooded, including a nice one around the lake.
  • List of the trails here with downloadable maps.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
Bear Creek Park and Surrey Art Centre - 88th Ave & 140 Street.
  • 30-plus blocks from the Sheraton, 7 mins by car.
  • Lots of parking at park entrances on 140 Street or King George Highway and off 88 Ave at the main Arts Centre parking lot.
  • Park info and map of trails, etc. here.
  • Surrey’s Class A gallery is open to 9a.m. – 9p.m. Thursday, Friday 9.m.– 5p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–5 p.m., and 1-4 on Sundays. Check here for current exhibits.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
Crescent Beach – This old beach community still maintains some of its original feeling.
  • About 30-mins by car from the Sheraton.
  • Lovely walks along dykes and beaches.
  • Wired Monk and Sunflower Organic Café open all year.
  • Blackie’s Spit at the west end of the beach is a great for birdwatchers.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
White Rock – Hectic and noisy in summer, has its own charm out-of-season.
  • 30-min drive from Sheraton.
  • Up the top of the town are some nice boutique shops and restaurants.
  • At the beach - long boardwalk and pier.
  • Pricey pay parking everywhere near the beach.
  • Lots of restaurants across from beach, many open all year.
  • Small Station Art Gallery and Archives open 10 a.m – 5 p.m. daily.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
Barnston Island - This rural gem in the Fraser River is accessible by a free shuttle ferry.
  • You’d need a car to get there – at the east end of 104 Ave. Once on the other side you can walk, cycle or drive around the perimeter road overlooking fields and the river.
  • No food outlets. Public washrooms in Robert Point Park at the west end of the island.
  • Interactive map of Surrey here.
Guildford Shopping Centre
  • All the ‘usual suspects’, plus banks, a large food court, etc.
  • 2 blocks from the Sheraton.