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From the kracked crayon of kc dyer:

kc dyer photoHi Everyone,

Just a quick update here -- our new SiWC blog is now live! If you get a chance, hop on over to our website at and grab the RSS feed for your reader. Thanks to the wizardry of our unstoppable webmaster Dale McGladdery, you can pick up an RSS feed for this newsletter too, AND for our new 'What's New' section. If the words 'RSS feed' mean nothing to you, check out our RSS overview page on the site -- it's a fantastic little outline of how much easier an RSS feed (and feed-reader) will make your on-line life.

Today on the SiWC blog, I'll be talking about SiWC Success Stories. If you have one you'd like to share, please email me at kcdyer at siwc dot ca and I'll add it to our blog.

I'll also be posting a comprehensive list of all our presenters -- one more reason to read our new SiWC blog.

Just a reminder that all the information from this e-newsletter, from our blog and our 'What's New' section is also available on the website. Cruise on over there any time and have a look around!

In the next newsletter, I hope to have more details about the opening date for registration this year. Right now I can tell you it will be in mid-July, but I should have more detail soon.

Until then...keep writing!

      ~ kcdyer
kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator
kcdyer at siwc dot ca

The Surrey International Writers' Conference, held every October in British Columbia, is the most comprehensive conference of its kind in Canada. SiWC offers writers in all genres -- from beginners to experts -- the opportunity both to hone their craft and to expose their work to the international literary marketplace. For more information please visit