The SiWC Contest Deadline Approaches...!

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> From the kaotic cranium of konference coordinator kc dyer:

kc dyer photoHere it comes -- September 4th is almost upon us!

Have you submitted your contest entry yet?

It's not too late -- as soon as you dot every i and cross every t, you can send your submission in until the very last minute via email.

Contest details can be found HERE in full. Or check out my most recent blog post on the site for an update. But whatever you do -- get those entries in. Contest fees are the same low price of $15 / submission. And the prizes total more than $4000 -- not to mention publication in our anthology!

If you have any questions, you can email me at

Now -- other conference news. There's lots of it! We have a couple of new presenters to add to our exceptional roster. We have a whole selection of exciting events planned. And we have everything you've come to expect from our conference...all ready to go for this year. Want to know the details? Your best place to look is on the website itself -- updates can be found regularly. Keep an eye on our blog (better still -- sign up for our RSS feed and have the blog brought to YOU!)

In the next few weeks, we'll be adding a link on the site to our Facebook page -- yet another way to keep in touch with us. I twitter already [I'm @kcdyer if you'd like to follow me], but we'll be adding an SiWC twitter link as well.

And, to finish, here are a few regular reminders:

  • When you register, you are entitled to one Pitch appointment, and one Blue Pencil. And during the conference, our appointment desk opens up, and you can book more appointments of either variety, subject to availability. Why limit yourself to just one?
  • Once again this year, you you'll have a chance to practice that pitch before you hurl it at one of our wonderful agents, editors or publishers. Just book an appointment with author Bev Boissery or agent Cricket Freeman at the Pitch Practice desk -- they will be open all day Friday and Saturday so you can practice before you pitch.
  • If you are interested in starting your SiWC a little early this year, consider taking one of our Master Classes You can register on-line, or by phone at 604-594-2000. Master Classes are an additional $99 for conference registrants -- money well-spent for a 3-hour class from one (or two!) of the best in the business.

More news soon. Beginning this week, we'll be featuring our presenters every day in our blog. Make sure to read along to get a close look at who will be joining us at the conference this year!

As always -- if you have a question you can't find an answer to on the website at you can reach me at Please put your topic in the subject line of the email -- and I will do my best to answer.

See you soon!

      ~ kcdyer
kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

The Surrey International Writers' Conference, held every October in British Columbia, is the most comprehensive conference of its kind in Canada. SiWC offers writers in all genres -- from beginners to experts -- the opportunity both to hone their craft and to expose their work to the international literary marketplace. For more information please visit