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kcdyerHeigh Ho all you relaxed summer people!

kc dyer here. I may no longer be lounging in the conference coordinator's elegant offices [eating bonbons -- ordering my slaves to re-read the gory bits of Michael Slade novels to me ] but I can still crack the writing whip of doom. These days, my place is here, deep in the bowels of the dreaded dungeons beneath SiWC Central. It's cold here...drippy and damp, with a certain smell in the air. I can't quite put my finger on it...

When I am not scraping mould from between my toes, I spend my days longing for something new, fresh and exciting to read. Something -- say, contest-entry sized. The perfect thing to peruse between castigations... but enough of me and my sorry life.

Let us turn to YOU, gentle writer. Where might you be? Basking in Northern Hemisphere sunshine during the day? Sitting back gazing at the Perseid Meteors every night? Well, I'm here to tell you to quit it! Stop all that leisurely enjoyment. You are writers, gosh darn it -- pick up a pen, flex your typing fingers and get at it!

The time for submissions to the 18th Annual Surrey International Writing Contest is at hand. We are accepting entries in all four categories even as I type these words. The best essay will win you $1000 and publication, as will the best poem, as determined by our judges. If writing for kids and teens is your thing, the best story of 1500 words or less can also score you a cool thousand bucks. And if you write the best short story, with 3500-5000 words to do it with -- well, you'll not only win $1000, but you'll get to hear Jack White rhapsodize about your writing before a packed house of hundreds of your peers.

You, too, can join the elite SiWC Contest winners club. And not only that, 100% of your entry fee goes to support the best writing conference around. Where else can you get a shot at money, fame AND philanthropic nirvana? Only HERE!

Take pity on a poor, recently-jailed Contest Coordinator. Send reading material -- do it today! Details can be found at our website HERE:

And if you have any questions, or just feel like throwing me a crust of lo-carb bread, I can be found at

Solve the mystery -- you know where to find me...

      ~ kcdyer
kc dyer
Writing Contest Coordinator

The Surrey International Writers' Conference, held every October in British Columbia, is the most comprehensive conference of its kind in Canada. SiWC offers writers in all genres -- from beginners to experts -- the opportunity both to hone their craft and to expose their work to the international literary marketplace. For more information please visit