2014 Board and Assistants

Conference Board of Directors

Camille Netherton

Camille Netherton is a writer, mother and Behaviour Consultant. A long-time volunteer for SiWC, she is pleased to give back to the writing community by serving on the Conference Planning board and hopes every experience you have at the conference exceeds your expectations.

Carol Monaghan
Secretary, Emcee

My involvement with SiWC began 20 years ago when Ed Griffin asked if I'd like to help plan a one-day writers' conference. That event has grown in all ways to become the acclaimed conference it is today. It's been a rewarding journey through those 20 years, made all the more fun by being allowed to be just a bit outrageous as the M.C. I was honoured to be given the unofficial title of "Betty White of the North" who happens to be one of my favourite comediennes. I'm also honoured to sit on the SiWC board with such a great group of people, and I'm looking forward to SiWC 2013.

Jared Hunt
Volunteer Coordinator
Jared Hunt is a long time friend of SiWC and our newest Board Member. He is bravely working with our volunteers this year, so feel free to give him a big SiWC welcome when you see him!
kc dyer
Writing Contest, Sponsorship, Brochure

kc is a writer of novels for teens and adults, who has been coming to SiWC for more than a decade. She has attended as an unpublished writer, a volunteer, a Special Achievement Award winner, a contest coordinator, a conference coordinator, a presenter and a board member, all of which has [like writing] left her cheerful but slightly cracked.

Eileen Cook

Eileen writes novels for teens, middle grade and adults. She's a long time fan of the SIWC conference as both an attendee and as a presenter, and is excited to join the board.

Mary Ellen Reid
Director, Treasurer

Mary is a writer and people person, who discovered the magic of SiWC when she attended for the first time in 1997. She's been waving the SiWC flag as an avid fan, volunteer, Conference Assistant, and/or Board member ever since.

Conference Staff

Kathy Chung
Conference Coordinator

Kathy Chung is a writer, and has been the conference coordinator of SiWC since 2010. She attended her first SiWC in 2001 and has never left. Since 2007, she's also served as a volunteer contest assistant, acting as first reader for the conference's international writing contest.

Alisa Luke
Administrative Coordinator

This reformed journalist works with SiWC by day. At night, she writes, sometimes into the wee hours. Alisa was a long-time volunteer with SiWC before she took on the mammoth role of administrative coordinator.

Jennifer Browne
Conference Assistant
Dale McGladdery

Dale is a web developer specializing in the Drupal content management system. With one-time aspirations to write fiction he attended the conference for many years before deciding he would stick to reading fiction. The conference board had gotten used to having Dale around and invited him to take over the website.

Volunteer Conference Assistants

Dan Anderson
Sandi Olson
Fraser Room
Darlene Jensen
Margaret Giacomello
Donna Robertson
Setup/Takedown, Silent Auction
Ryleigh Grier
Silent Auction

If you run into any of these folks at the conference, be sure to say 'hi'! They all aim to make it your best experience ever!