Pitch Session


Here is your chance to pitch your work to an acquiring editor, agent, producer or publisher!

Getting your work seen is one of the great challenges of traditional publishing. SiWC pitch sessions are an easy way to get your work in front of an acquiring professional. It's an opportunity to gain valuable feedback — and you might even get a request for a submission!

As a part of the conference registration process, you can choose among available presenters for a ten-minute pitch session. Please note that not all editors and agents are available every day. Appointments are based on first come, first served, so register early for best choice. There is no additional charge for this service, and sessions are one-on-one.

[Additional appointments may be available. Volunteers are stationed outside the Fraser Room Door to book these appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.]

Your appointment will take place during workshop block time. We have volunteers at the doors of the workshops to aid in quiet departures and arrivals during the sessions. Make sure to leave enough time to arrive five minutes early for your appointment.

This is your ten-minute opportunity to sell your work (and yourself). Don't bring your entire manuscript, as editors and agents will not require it. The focus in this very brief ten-minute time slot is to verbally pitch your story/piece. If you have questions, be ready to ask them. This is your chance to learn. Listen carefully — it doesn't hurt to take notes. Seize the opportunity to get someone else as enthusiastic about your work as you are!

Pitch sessions can be found inside the Fraser Room on the main floor of the hotel.