Amanda Vogel


Amanda Vogel, MA, has been a freelance writer since 1998 for high-profile Canadian and U.S.-based health, fitness and women’s publications. In addition to being a course instructor for Simon Fraser University's New Media Journalism program, Amanda has written for Best Health, Oxygen, Chatelaine,,, Glow, SELF, Women's Health, Prevention, Shape, Fitness, All You, Fit Pregnancy, Cooking Light, Today’s Parent and Health. She co-authored a book called BABY BOOT CAMP: The New Mom’s 9-Minute Fitness Solution (Sterling, 2010) and, in the same year, ghost wrote a book about yoga. As a social-media consultant, Amanda manages Facebook and Twitter accounts for multiple fitness brands and public figures. Her blog,, was a finalist in Best Health Magazine’s 2011 Blog Awards.

Amanda Vogel

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 10:30am

Are you ready to Klout Facebook right in the Twitter? Join social media guru Sean Cranbury, freelance writer and social media expert Carol Tice, and freelance writer/social media consultant Amanda Vogel as they outline tips to help writers use Social Media for good rather than evil. 

Sunday 11:00am

Are you a Facebook fan who can’t get enough of status updates, “like” buttons and your friends’ adorable baby photos? Or are you a reluctant user who “facebooks” only occasionally? Maybe you “get” the marketing benefits of Twitter, maybe you don’t. Either way, Facebook and Twitter provide enormous marketing potential. Your readers, editors, clients and prospects might be looking for you on these sites (and/or talking about you, your competitors and your areas of expertise). Being part of the social-media conversation makes good business sense. Discover how to successfully use Facebook and Twitter for marketing, networking, promoting your brand, and interacting with your readers, editors and clients.

Saturday 3:30pm

Breaking into women’s magazines opens the door to high-paying, high-profile assignments. And scoring a published byline in one women’s magazine can trigger a domino effect for landing assignments in others like it. But to receive $1 to $2 (or more) per word writing for female-focused glossies, you must win over editors in this competitive niche. Find out why lingo such as service, filler, real-women, essays and web exclusive is a mainstay in women’s genre - and a must-know for writers who wish to crack the market in the U.S. and Canada. Leave with from-the-trenches tips for using creative angles and packaging to nab freelance work in this lucrative women’s niche.