April Eberhardt


April Eberhardt Literary specializes in high-quality women's fiction: thoughtful, carefully crafted narratives by, for and about women, the kind of books that generate interest and insights among women's book club members. The agency also represents selected Young Adult works, particularly those aimed at prompting meaningful discussion between mothers and daughters about relationships, values and decision-making.

As readers and publishers choose among the many ways literature is being delivered in the new millennium, authors need a literary agent who understands both the traditional and electronic marketplaces, along with the evolving role of self-publishing, done right.  April founded her own agency in order to assist and advise authors as they navigate the increasingly complex world of publishing.

After 25 years as a corporate strategist and consultant, April Eberhardt joined the literary world as head reader for Zoetrope: All-Story, a literary magazine, followed by five years as an agent with two San Francisco-based literary agencies. She holds an MBA from Boston University in Marketing and Finance, a BA from Hamilton (Kirkland) College in Anthropology and French, and a CPLF degree from the University of Paris. She divides her time among San Francisco, New York and Paris.

April Eberhardt

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 1:30pm
Nailing the Spike focusses on the quick and dramatic arc (i.e. the spike) required to make a short story stand out, particularly in this competitive publishing environment. April Eberhardt is a reader for the Best American Short Stories series published annually by Houghton Mifflin each October. Prior to becoming a literary agent, she was head reader for Zoetrope--All Story, Francis Ford Coppola's literary journal.


Friday 1:30pm

Join April Eberhardt for a session focussing on the ever-broadening array of options available to novel authors, with an emphasis on "self-publishing, done right." The workshop covers the elements that are critical to writing and producing an exemplary book, whether electronically, in print, or both. It includes a show-and-tell of traditionally vs. self-published books with an analysis of successful elements.