Elizabeth Lyon


 Elizabeth Lyon is the author of Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write, The Sell Your Novel Tool Kit, A Writer’s Guide to Nonfiction, A Writer’s Guide to Fiction, National Directory of Editors & Writers, and Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore. “The Writer” magazine selected Manuscript Makeover as one of the “8 Great Writing Books of 2008,” describing it as “perhaps the most comprehensive book on revising fiction.” Lyon lives in Springfield, Oregon. www.elizabethlyon.com.

Elizabeth Lyon

SiWC Workshops

Sunday 9:30am
Agents, publishers, and readers love creativity, but not mistaken punctuation, faulty grammar, and weirdo formatting. If you are planning to self-publish, these gaffes risk bad Amazon and Chapters-Indigo reviews and will adversely affect your sales. In this workshop, Elizabeth Lyon identifies the mistakes that appear most frequently and provides you with a "cheat sheet” for revision. You'll learn about the Chicago Manual of Style rules, the preferred dictionary for those nitty-gritty decisions about spelling and hyphens, and about acceptable format for submitted manuscripts.


Friday 1:30pm

Many writers are surprised to learn that quick-fix techniques can produce amazing and instant improvements in style, structure, and characterization. While some revising requires elbow grease and agonizing hours, this workshop with Elizabeth Lyon focuses on maximum results for minimum effort. Improving style can be lots of fun. After using a reach-and-riff technique, you’ll learn how to make the tumblers roll until they lock onto the best lexicon for a particular passage or character. When does a scene deserve development, or deletion? How do you tuck emotions into action? What keeps the reader on the hook? The engine of all successful stories is characterization. We’ll apply a list of ways to transform cardboard cutouts of characters (or the author in memoir) into breathing, living characters that readers will care about.