Gigi Rosenberg


Gigi Rosenberg won her first unofficial grant as a 14-year old when she convinced her parents to fork over the cash to buy 5 rolls of Super 8 Kodachrome film to shoot her first film. Today, she works as a writer, speaker, and presentation coach for artists and entrepreneurs. She wrote The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing(Watson-Guptill, 2010) to teach artists and writers how to win grants, fundraise creatively, and ensure that every second they spend writing a proposal pushes their art further into the world. She’s been published by Seal Press, The Oregonian, Jewish Review, Writer's Digest, and Parenting.

Gigi Rosenberg

SiWC Workshops

Sunday 9:30am

It's time to come out from behind the desk and meet the audience. In this participatory workshop, writers learn 10 tips for reading work aloud and discover how to read with confidence, enjoy the limelight, and connect with an audience. Participants rehearse in front of a supportive group and discover how to prepare like a pro for that next public reading. Bring up to five pages of writing to read. No experience necessary. Learn how to plan and deliver a stellar public reading, warm up body and voice, handle mishaps during a reading and calme last-minute jitters.

Friday 3:30pm

All writers need time and money. Join us for this professional development workshop and discover where and how to research grants and residency opportunities and fundraise creatively to finance your next artistic endeavor.