Hallie Ephron


Hallie Ephron writes books she hopes will keep readers up nights. Her two latest, COME AND FIND ME and NEVER TELL A LIE, were both finalists  for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. NEVER TELL A LIE was adapted into the movie AND BABY WILL FALL for the Lifetime Movie Network. Her WRITING AND SELLING YOUR MYSTERY NOVEL: HOW TO KNOCK 'EM DEAD WITH STYLE was nominated for Edgar and Anthony awards, and she is an award-winning book reviewer for the BOSTON GLOBE. 

Hallie Ephron

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 1:30pm

In this workshop, we tease apart point of view, viewpoint, and voice. Then, how to harness viewpoint to create a compelling narrative voice that can make characters, setting, dialogue, and action far more compelling. 

Friday 1:30pm

Do your research topics make your local librarian rub her hands in maniacal glee? Are you probably on a government watch list somewhere for all the times you've googled effective ways to kill or kidnap someone? If so, then this panel is for you. Join our group of killer writers for some insight into living in imaginary worlds filled with suspense, crimes, violence, and heroism.

Friday 10:30am

12 ways to shoot yourself in the foot writing a crime novel. This workshop takes you through twelve typical mistakes that authors make when writing a mystery novel, and provides guidance in how to avoid them.

Thursday 9:30am

Join one of our most requested teachers for a master class on writing character-driven fiction. Topics will include showing the reader your character, envisioning a character arc within the novel and a character arc within a scene, writing character-driven dialogue and setting, and more. Come prepared for exercises designed to work on and even rework parts of your manuscript in process or to write in class.