kc dyer


kc dyer is a professional liar, a prevaricator and a provacateur. She also specializes in being unrealistic, delusional and is comfortably conversational with inanimate objects. As a result, she has successfully embraced the only occupation open to her -- fiction writer. She is the author of slightly more than a handful of published novels, and when not tilting at windmills she can be found happily immersed in the surrealistic but somehow comforting world of writers and reading.

kc dyer

SiWC Workshops

Thursday 9:30am

Are you a beginning writer? Or maybe you've been writing a while, and just made the decision to get your work out into the world. Join writer and long-time conference supporter kc dyer to discuss publishing from A to Z, and find out how to get the most out of your weekend at SiWC 2012. If you have a laptop with you at the conference, bring it to class!

Saturday 10:30am

Are you ready to Klout Facebook right in the Twitter? Join social media guru Sean Cranbury, freelance writer and social media expert Carol Tice, and freelance writer/social media consultant Amanda Vogel as they outline tips to help writers use Social Media for good rather than evil. 

Friday 10:30am

Science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, fantasy writer Sam Sykes, and historical fantasy writer Mary Robinette Kowal combine to discuss the importance of humour within the SFF genre, and the finer points of how to make it work. This panel will likely be of interest to those writing any genre. Fisticuffs expected! kc dyer moderates.

Sunday 11:00am

In which you have an opportunity to listen, laugh and even chat with Jane Espenson, the writer of some of the best shows to ever grace the screen. Busting to ask about Buffy? Gaga over Game of Thrones? Kookoo for Caprica? Over the moon in love with Once Upon A Time? Bring your questions about TV writing and Jane's shows and we'll do our best to answer every frakkin' one. kc dyer moderates this marvellous discussion. A fantastic way to wrap up your conference this year. 

Sunday 9:30am