Linda L. Richards


Linda L. Richards is the author of five novels, is editor and co-founder of January Magazine and a leading expert in electronic book publishing technologies. Linda has lived in Los Angeles and Munich but was born in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently based in the Gulf Islands off Canada's West Coast with her partner, the artist David Middleton, their crazy dog, Jett and their Galiano wild cat, Tiger-Lily. A faculty member of the Simon Fraser University Summer Publishing Program, she enjoys working with new writers. When she isn’t writing books, writing about books, teaching or reading, Richards enjoys hiking the wild beaches near her home, quite often thinking about her current work in progress.

Linda L. Richards

SiWC Workshops

Friday 10:30am

Writers learning their craft are often told to "show not tell," but that can be confusing. Really: what does it even mean? Join seasoned novelist Linda L. Richards for an entertaining session exploring the active voice and how to use it to make your writing come alive. A series of examples and short exercises will help participants grasp the concept and use it to make their own work more readable and powerful.

Friday 1:30pm

Do your research topics make your local librarian rub her hands in maniacal glee? Are you probably on a government watch list somewhere for all the times you've googled effective ways to kill or kidnap someone? If so, then this panel is for you. Join our group of killer writers for some insight into living in imaginary worlds filled with suspense, crimes, violence, and heroism.

Sunday 11:00am

The importance of the editor in the writing process can never be overstated. But editing needs to begin before any other eyes ever see your work. Join editor, journalist and author Linda L. Richards for an intensive session on developing your inner editor. Participants will enjoy the hands-on approach to sharpening and honing all aspects of their work through the editing process.