Luke Ryan


Over his ten year career in Hollywood Luke Ryan has worked as a screenwriter, producer, and studio executive holding positions at New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, and MGM.  He is currently Executive Vice President of Production at Disruption Entertainment, a production company with a first-look deal at Paramount that focuses on the development and production of feature films and television as well as producing content for mobile, tablet, and handheld platforms.

Luke Ryan

SiWC Workshops

Thursday 5:30pm

For those of you who sat through Luke's four-hour marathon master class last year, he has promised two things for this year: 1) He will try not to hold you hostage for nearly as long and 2) He's going to come back with all new material. Some of the things he'll be teaching this year: Developing Premises That Give You The Most Opportunity Creatively And Commercially, Moving Beyond Plot For Structure – How Character and Theme Can Shape Your Story, How Your Setting Connects To Character And Theme To Bring Your Story Alive, Advanced Plotting And Structural Techniques, Methods To Deepen Your Characters, Writing With Emotional Hooks, How To Write Compelling Dialogue, and at least seven other awesome things that he'll cook up between now and then.  (Okay, it may be four hours again.)  And while the class will be angled towards screenwriting, Luke's intent is to make it a class valuable to anyone looking for advanced writing techniques, no matter what area of writing you're interested in.

Saturday 3:30pm

A thorough introduction to the world of screenwriting.  This class will cover the basics of crafting your story into a professional screenplay including formatting, story structure, character design, thematic arcs, subplots, and refining your concept to make sure it taps into the deepest audience possible.  We'll also dig into the business side of Hollywood, discussing representation, writing deals, and what it really takes to work steadily in Hollywood and move your scripts through the studio system and onto the screen.  Built so there will be valuable information to screenwriters of all levels, and also perfect for novelists and other writers who are interested in exploring film.

Sunday 9:30am

Every area of entertainment media is rapidly evolving and there's never been a better time to be a content creator.  No matter what form your creativity takes, the future of storytelling lies in building a unique world and set of characters and then purposing the stories that spring from them across as many platforms as possible.  Taught by a guy who's truly obsessed with this stuff and working with various IP owners to evolve their content along these lines, this class will explore the core principles of transmedia storytelling and world building, techniques for engaging and motivating an "active" audience, as well as the emerging app space and virtual worlds/mark

Friday 3:30pm

Some of the best stories being told today are on television — a place where screenwriters still have the freedom to explore complex characters and themes as well as explore a greater variety of worlds and time periods.  This class will break down the craft and business of television — from creating a great pilot script  (both one-hour and half-hour formats) to a comprehensive breakdown of all the television networks and cable channels and what they're buying (and why they're buying it) to a realistic look at what it means to be a working television writer.