Mary Balogh


Mary Balogh grew up in Wales and moved to Kipling, Saskatchewan, more than forty years ago on what was supposed to be a two-year teaching contract. She stayed to marry and raise a family of three, to teach high school English and ultimately to put into practice her lifelong dream of being a novelist. She and her husband now divide their time between Kipling (summers) and Regina (winters). She has written close to 100 novels and novellas, most of which are set in 19th century Regency England and all of which are love stories. They include the New York Times bestselling SLIGHTLY, SIMPLY, and HUXTABLE series and the upcoming SURVIVORS' CLUB septet. See her web site at

Mary Balogh

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 10:30am

When your books are marketed to women with covers most men would hesitate to buy, even if they don't feature half-naked people, how do you bring the focus to the great story inside? Can you build a readership that's not just female, or do you even want to try? Join this panel for a discussion of the rewards and pitfalls of writing books primarily for women.

Friday 3:30pm

Join our esteemed panel of writers whose historical interests span nearly two thousand years of human experience.

Saturday 3:30pm

Mary Balogh's Simply and Slightly series are greatly admired for the strength and continuity of the series from book to book. Wonder how she does it? In this workshop, Mary talks about planning the concept of a whole series and working on the individual books.

Friday 10:30am

Join bestselling historical romance author Mary Balogh for an exploration of writing with passion, with particular emphasis on using point of view as a tool and writing a love story rather than a mere romance.