Michael Slade


MICHAEL SLADE is a criminal lawyer and the author of 14 dark mystery thrillers, from HEADHUNTER (1984) to RED SNOW (2010). He was Guest of Honour at Bloody Words, Canada's crime writing convention, in Victoria in 2011, and was Guest of Honour at the World Horror Convention in Seattle in 2001. He has acted for both the defence and the prosecution in more than 100 murder cases. He argued the last death penalty case in the Supreme Court of Canada. He has been the subject of three documentaries by the CBC, including "Gzowski's People" and "The Fifth Estate." The Mounties invited Slade to their Red Serge Ball. He was guest speaker at three RCMP Regimental Dinners; the Canadian Librarians Convention; the Vancouver Magistrates Dinner; the Romance Writers of America's Convention; the Canadian Booksellers Convention; and this fall will speak to the Canadian Federation of University Women. For the past three years, he's taught "How to Write a Mystery" and "How to Write a Thriller" at Simon Fraser University and the Mystery Writers Retreat. For the past eight years, he's taught at the Surrey International Writers Conference, where he presents "Michael Slade's Shock Theatre." In the Morgue at the Slade Website - http://www.specialx.net/specialxdotnet/morgue.html - he performs an autopsy on each of his novels to show how he plots. In researching those plots, he's climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, almost lost his life on safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana, and descended into the secret cannibal cave of the Cook Islands.

Michael Slade

SiWC Workshops

Sunday 9:30am

Slade's Theorems: 1/ It takes a lifetime to write a novel. 2/ Go out and live your story. Corollary: "Write about what you know." Example: http://www.specialx.net/specialxdotnet/morgue_headhunter.html So, asks Slade, "What's the worst thing that ever happened to you, and how are you using that to construct your fiction?"

Friday 1:30pm

Do your research topics make your local librarian rub her hands in maniacal glee? Are you probably on a government watch list somewhere for all the times you've googled effective ways to kill or kidnap someone? If so, then this panel is for you. Join our group of killer writers for some insight into living in imaginary worlds filled with suspense, crimes, violence, and heroism.

Thursday 1:30pm

Suspense, twists, shocks, motives, forensics, sex and violence are the pistons the power mystery thrillers in particular and novels and stories in general. The goal of all fiction is to keep the reader turning the page. To be a page-turner, a plot must have all cylinders firing smoothly. Learn how to do it from a writer whose work is "Intense enough to require seatbelts." (Quill & Quire)

Saturday 3:30pm

In our annual bestseller panel, moderator Donald Maass leads our panel through an exploration of life in the big leagues. Our guess is they're not above writing in their pajamas if they feel like it. But wonder how life has changed since the publisher started putting "bestseller" on the covers of their books or what added challenges come writing the next book after a big success? Come find out!