Sam Sykes


Sam Sykes is an author.  Isn't that great?  Sam Sykes wrote The Aeons' Gate trilogy, which has delighted absolutely everybody who has ever read it ever. Sam Sykes is not permitted to visit Taiwan for reasons he cannot go into here. Most people think Sam Sykes is a pretty talented and handsome young man, except for weirdos. You're not a weirdo, are you?

Sam Sykes

SiWC Workshops

Friday 1:30pm

The struggle, the quest, the journey.  Call it what you want, the conflict is at the heart of any character and, thus, of any story.  But no reader wants a simple conflict that they can guess the ending to after three pages.  How do you make villains that are wicked AND understandable?  How do you make heroes that are believably flawed?  How do you make a conflict that makes us wonder not only what happens if the heroes lose, but what happens if they win?  Sam Sykes will tell you.

Friday 10:30am

Science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, fantasy writer Sam Sykes, and historical fantasy writer Mary Robinette Kowal combine to discuss the importance of humour within the SFF genre, and the finer points of how to make it work. This panel will likely be of interest to those writing any genre. Fisticuffs expected! kc dyer moderates.

Sunday 11:00am

It's not always just about grammar, punctuation and structure.  Style, rhythm and flow are what really make your prose seize (and hold) an audience's attention.  Too often, writers can fall into the trap of either adhering rigidly to rules of style or splurging in an embarrassing gush of verbiage.  Sam Sykes will help you figure out what to trim and what to add to give your structure style.