Sharan Newman


Sharan Newman is a medievalist and the author of the award-winning Catherine Levendeur mystery series, set in medieval France. She has also written non-fiction: The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code, and The Real History Behind the Templars. A mystery, The Shanghai Tunnel, set in 1868 Portland Oregon, is as close to modernity as she wishes to go. Her latest nonfiction is The Real History of the End of the World for which she has created a blog: All of her books are available in various languages, most of which she can’t read. She likes the Russian best, where she is known as “Newmanova”.

Sharan Newman

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 10:30am

Just how big a hole will a 22 caliber bullet make in a wall?   What are the native plants of Manitoba?  Sharan Newman doesn’t know the answers to either of these questions, but she’ll give you clues on where to find them.   She’ll also address what to do with conflicting information and how to get an expert to talk with a writer.  Finally we’ll look at the problem of research that turns up answers that ruin the planned storyline. 

Friday 3:30pm

Join our esteemed panel of writers whose historical interests span nearly two thousand years of human experience.

Sunday 11:00am

From gentle memoirs to hard-boiled reporting, nonfiction comes in many forms.  While styles of writing differ, there are some basic skills that can make even an instruction manual interesting.  In this workshop, Sharan Newman will present a few tricks of the trade to create highly readable, and saleable, nonfiction.