Sheila Roberts


Best-selling author Sheila Roberts has enjoyed seeing thirty books in print, both fiction and nonfiction, under different names, and has been published in several different languages. Her books have been top sellers and have been featured by magazine book clubs and included in Reader’s Digest Condensed books. Her novel “On Strike for Christmas” was made into a movie which aired on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Sheila Roberts

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 10:30am

When your books are marketed to women with covers most men would hesitate to buy, even if they don't feature half-naked people, how do you bring the focus to the great story inside? Can you build a readership that's not just female, or do you even want to try? Join this panel for a discussion of the rewards and pitfalls of writing books primarily for women.

Sunday 11:00am
Learn how to write a synopsis and a query letter that helps you put your best food forward. This will be a hands-on class and will offer participants an opportunity to work on their query letters and get feedback.
Saturday 1:30pm

Ever wonder what agents and publishers mean when they say they're interested in "high concept novels"? This class is designed to help writers recognize a high concept idea when they see it and then turn it into the kind of novel that will gain them attention in today's competitive market.