Sheri Radford


Sheri Radford is that rarest of creatures: a Vancouver resident who was actually born in Vancouver. As the author of three extremely silly books for children—Penelope and the Humongous Burp, Penelope and the Monsters, and Penelope and the Preposterous Birthday Party—she loves to spend time playing, imagining, and creating. As the editor of two magazines for visitors—Where Vancouver and Where Whistler—she also spends much time wrestling with commas, taming adjectives, and banishing adverbs. She lives in an overpriced but funky Yaletown loft
with her messy husband and two even messier cats. She took up running in 2010 and, in a fit of insanity, ran her first marathon in 2011. Even though her knees haven’t forgiven her yet, she can be found most mornings jogging along Vancouver’s seawall, training to run next year’s Goofy in Disney World (which consists of a half-marathon one day, followed by a full marathon the day after). An avid reader, Sheri often advises friends, family, and even strangers about what to read.
Over the years she has spent such an obscene amount of money at Chapters/Indigo that the company awarded her a free lifetime membership card, which always causes store clerks to do a double take. Be on the lookout for Sheri’s upcoming picture books: It’s Following Me and Not Just Another Princess Story. For more info, please visit