Victoria Marini


I am an associate literary agent with the Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency, As the newest (and shortest) member of the team, and I began taking on clients in late 2010. Currently, I'm building my list and hungry for more. 

I represent ADULT Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction (suspense, thriller, mystery) Women’s Commercial Fiction (suspense, romantic suspense, thriller, mystery, urban fantasy and light sci-fi). I also represent YOUNG ADULT – pretty much everything! Literary, contemporary, dark & edgy. I’m always interested in Young Adult thrillers, noir, horror, light sci-fi/ fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy, suspense, and mystery. For MIDDLE GRADE, I accept fantasy, and humorous coming of age. In NON-FICTION, I accept queries for narrative non-fiction, humorous/pop-culture non-fiction, and memoir, as well lifestyle/how-to non-fiction.

I do NOT represent: popular science, psychology, philosophy, religious, new age/spirituality non-fiction, Picture Books, Epic Fantasy, Regency Romances, Adult Historical Fiction.

My wish list: The bottom line is that I’m looking for a fantastic idea (the kind where you go “Oh My Goodness, what a GREAT premise!) and the voice, character, story, and world-building to back it up. More specifically though, I’m always on the lookout for Contemporary YA with a great commercial hook, though I tend to go for the dark/edgy and commercial YA, especially. I want a classic YA horror in the vein of Lois Duncan and Christopher Pike. I love Middle Grade with an element of magic, like Coralineand Zombie Tag. I want a tricky game of cat and mouse, tension (of all varieties), a truly original re-imagined tale, myth or legend. In commercial women’s fiction, I  need a romantic element with an interesting hook. I tend to gravitate towards mayhem and suspense. For a complete wish-list and more information, check out

Victoria Marini

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 1:30pm

Our most popular session is back! Sometimes brutal, sometimes thrilling, always a great learning experience, SiWC Idol gives you a first-hand look at how agents react when they read the opening page of a submission.

Volunteers submit first pages anonymously for random selection to be read aloud by our host, the inimitable Jack Whyte. Our panel stops the reading when they would stop reading the submission and tells you why, something you'll never know from a "not right for me" rejection letter.

Submissions of first pages can only be handed in at the workshop, and will be selected in random order. They will not be returned, and not all submitted openings will be read.