Victoria Marini


I am an associate literary agent with the Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency, As the newest (and shortest) member of the team, and I began taking on clients in late 2010. Currently, I'm building my list and hungry for more. 

I represent ADULT Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction (suspense, thriller, mystery) Women’s Commercial Fiction (suspense, romantic suspense, thriller, mystery, urban fantasy and light sci-fi). I also represent YOUNG ADULT – pretty much everything! Literary, contemporary, dark & edgy. I’m always interested in Young Adult thrillers, noir, horror, light sci-fi/ fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy, suspense, and mystery. For MIDDLE GRADE, I accept fantasy, and humorous coming of age. In NON-FICTION, I accept queries for narrative non-fiction, humorous/pop-culture non-fiction, and memoir, as well lifestyle/how-to non-fiction.

I do NOT represent: popular science, psychology, philosophy, religious, new age/spirituality non-fiction, Picture Books, Epic Fantasy, Regency Romances, Adult Historical Fiction.

My wish list: The bottom line is that I’m looking for a fantastic idea (the kind where you go “Oh My Goodness, what a GREAT premise!) and the voice, character, story, and world-building to back it up. More specifically though, I’m always on the lookout for Contemporary YA with a great commercial hook, though I tend to go for the dark/edgy and commercial YA, especially. I want a classic YA horror in the vein of Lois Duncan and Christopher Pike. I love Middle Grade with an element of magic, like Coralineand Zombie Tag. I want a tricky game of cat and mouse, tension (of all varieties), a truly original re-imagined tale, myth or legend. In commercial women’s fiction, I  need a romantic element with an interesting hook. I tend to gravitate towards mayhem and suspense. For a complete wish-list and more information, check out