Anita Daher


Winnipeg author Anita Daher has been entrenched in the publishing industry since 1995, writing middle grade and teen novels (eight published in Canada, four in Europe), and most recently, a picture book: Itty Bitty Bits. Living in an ADHD dominated household has influenced the stories she writes, which are often geared toward captivating those who are "attention different." She has worked on occasion as marketing director, teen fiction editor, children’s party clown and radio broadcaster. When not word wrangling Anita enjoys playing her guitar or ukulele, and instigating things (usually house renos and adventures). 

SiWC Workshops

Friday 10:30am

How has the young adult novel evolved through the years? What exactly makes your novel young adult versus adult, new adult, or juvenile, and will it “pop” in today’s publishing landscape? Through discussion and short exercises explore strategies to make your YA novel spit, flow, bleed, scratch, glow and generally knock the socks off an editor and reader.

Sunday 11:00am

Our panel tackles the taboos, rules, brick walls, joys and frustrations they've come up against writing and agenting YA and NA fiction. Bring your questions and find out what's new, what's too old, what sells and what falls flat in fiction for teens.

Saturday 10:30am

Story-hatching is the easy bit, but how to lasso the bigness of an idea, and contain and sustain that energy all they way through to the end? Through an examination of muse/concrete relationships, we will explore ways to maintain and accelerate motivation—for you, and your characters.