Dan Bar-el


Dan Bar-el is an award-winning author of eleven children’s books that include picture books, novels and one graphic novel. For the past twenty years he’s been working with children in out of school care programs, as a preschool teacher, a creative writing teacher and touring extensively across Canada visiting schools as an author, a storyteller and workshop facilitator. He often brings his past experiences in theatre and sketch comedy to his writing. Dan lives in Vancouver, BC.

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 3:30pm

Giving your picture book story its best shot in a challenging market.

The picture book genre is amazing in its versatility. There seems to be no limit to the number of original stories and concepts that are out there. Yet it’s tough to get a picture book published, and there are many roadblocks that can stop a good idea in its tracks. This session is about sidestepping them. Topics will include respecting the form, its limitations and freedoms, thinking about the illustrator by offering compelling and varied visuals, and writing catchy cover letters to get your idea across to an editor.

Friday 3:30pm

The funny bone is a myth but comedy muscles are real, so let’s exercise them. Working on the premise that nothing kills a joke like explaining a joke, this session will try to focus more on the doing than the pondering. Yes, we will look at the root of what makes something funny, ways of generating ideas, discovering a comedic perspective and also looking at one formula to creating a comedic character. But as much as possible, this will be a session to explore and hopefully share your humour in a safe, supportive environment. We will put the “ny” back in “funny!” … or something to that effect.