Elizabeth Boyle


Elizabeth Boyle, a former pirate hunter for Bill Gates, began by writing what she loved to read:  romance novels.  Since her first book was published in 1996, she’s won the RWA RITA award, two Romantic Times’ Reviewer’s Choice awards, written 21 more novels, and made both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists.  She resides in Seattle with her husband and two sons, or “heroes in training” as she likes to call them. 


SiWC Workshops

Friday 10:30am

Take your idea for a romance novel and put it to the test in this fast-paced, hands-on exploration of plotting a romance novel. You'll use theme, characters, and conflict to build the plot of your story. While romance specific, this workshop will examine the elemental parts of any great story and how to use them to build a compelling novel. Come ready to work.

Saturday 10:30am

Relationships are at the heart of human existence, from the wildest romantic entanglements to the most casual interactions with the regular cashier at your local grocery store. No matter what sort of fiction you’re writing, chances are relationships of one sort or another are a factor, one its essential to get right. Our panel makes its living writing well about human connections and is here to share their insight into making your fictional relationships ring true.

Saturday 1:30pm

Writing a romance or any novel that explores relationships requires an understanding of the deep subtext that is sexual tension. By exploring the process of sexual attraction and tension, participants will learn how to use the attraction between their characters as another layer to their plot and how it adds an emotional payoff for the reader.

Friday 3:30pm

The historical fiction panel is an SiWC tradition. Our bestselling panelists and moderator know not only what life was like in the time periods and places in history in which they’ve immersed themselves, but how to write about it so that they avoid sounding like that boring professor whose classes you slept through when you bothered to attend at all. Come learn their secrets and enjoy their stories, too.