Emily Ohanjanians


Emily Ohanjanians is an editor with Harlequin MIRA and a self-professed storyphile. She has worked with several New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors in a variety of genres, and continues to search for breakouts in all areas of commercial fiction.

After working in the Toronto magazine circuit for a number of years, Emily cut her teeth at Harlequin as a proofreader, where she happily read romance novels all day. Soon after that she joined the Harlequin MIRA team and within six months she had acquired her first author. Now she continues to seek outstanding commercial women’s fiction that will appeal to a mainstream market. She has a slight obsession with story structure, and likes a fast-paced, poignant, emotional read with lots of tension as well as relatable and—for lack of a better term—messed-up characters.

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