Hallie Ephron


Hallie Ephron writes suspense novels she hopes readers won't be able to put down. Her work has been called "Hitchcockian" by USA Today and "deliciously creepy" by Publisher's Weekly. Her award-winning bestseller Never Tell a Lie was made into a movie for the Lifetime Movie Network. The Washington Post says of her newest bestseller, For readers who love Gotham and abhor gore, Thee Was an Old Woman is the perfect thriller lite. A three-time finalist for the Mary Higgins Clark Award, Hallie wrote a multi-award nominated Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How to Knock ‘Em Dead with Style. 

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 3:30pm

It’s all too easy to turn off a reader in the first few pages of your manuscript, or hook them with a great beginning only to lose them with a flabby middle. From idea, to execution, to the final polish, this workshop explores the potholes to avoid.

Friday 10:30am

In this workshop, join Hallie Ephron to discuss how to create a vivid sense of place, and the many uses of setting that go beyond that (to reveal character, drive suspense, trigger memories, and more) and explore the crucial link between viewpoint and setting. 

Sunday 9:30am

Ever stayed up way later than you should have because you couldn't put down the book you were reading? No matter what genre, tension is the key to compelling stories. Sounds simple enough, but managing tension well is tough. Join our talented panel for a discussion on techniques, tricks, and tips to keep readers turning the page.