Jack Whyte


When Jack Whyte figured out how the young Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone, he never imagined the revelation would lead to a long and successful career as a novelist. Twenty years after emerging from his basement with three completed manuscripts and no idea he'd ever get them published, he's the author of a much-loved, nine-book cycle of novels on the Arthurian legend and a highly successful, internationally-published trilogy on the history of the Knights Templar. He's currently at work on the third book in his trilogy of novels set in his native Scotland in the 14th Century, and dealing with Scotland's (and his own) three greatest heroes — William Wallace, (The Braveheart), King Robert the Bruce, and Sir James (the Black) Douglas. The first two books in this series are The Forest Laird and The Renegade. The third will be out this winter.


SiWC Workshops

Sunday 11:00am
Friday 3:30pm
Thursday 1:30pm

Jack Whyte returns to offer one of our most requested master classes: manuscript critique. Participants submit three manuscript pages for copying and sharing with the group. Class time is spent getting Jack's feedback and having group discussion aimed at improving, tightening, tearing apart, and putting back together everyone's submissions to make them stronger. This class is limited to 13 participants and always sells out, so register early.

Saturday 1:30pm