Joelle Anthony


Originally from Portland, Joëlle Anthony is a writer, teacher, and sometimes-actress who currently lives on a tiny island in British Columbia. Her debut novel, Restoring Harmony, was long listed for the American Library Association’s Best New Young Adult Fiction 2010, and chosen as the Feature Title for Cincinnati’s Teen on the Same Page Festival 2012. Her latest release, The Right & the Real also an ALA’s Best YA Fiction list (2012) nominee was recently named a Bank Street’s 2013 Best Books of the Year.  Joëlle uses her skills as an actress, and her enthusiasm for the written, word to excite kids and adults alike about writing. For the past four years, she has worked as a Writer in Residence with the Grade 6 & 7 class at Gabriola Elementary School, in B.C., and has spoken and taught at various libraries and literary festivals, in Canada and the U.S. She teaches a variety of workshops for writers of all ages, as well as a workshop for artists hoping to improve their visibility and market their work. Visit her on the web at for more information.

SiWC Workshops

Sunday 11:00am

Our panel tackles the taboos, rules, brick walls, joys and frustrations they've come up against writing and agenting YA and NA fiction. Bring your questions and find out what's new, what's too old, what sells and what falls flat in fiction for teens.

Sunday 9:30am

You’ve finally finished a draft of your novel and you’re ready to start querying. Or you’ve written something fabulous, but it’s twenty thousand words longer than it should be and you don’t know what to do. In this workshop, Joëlle Anthony will take you through that final pass before sending your manuscript out into the world. She’ll give you tips for shortening and tightening your story, making dialogue snap, digging out the clichés, and more. Once you’ve applied her final polish techniques, your manuscript will shine, raising you above the rest who are in too much of a hurry to do this important step. This workshop is designed for writers who have completed a draft. Please bring the first ten pages of your MS if you have it with you. If you don’t, you are still welcome to attend. 

Saturday 10:30am

It’s challenging enough to create realistic teen characters, but in the ever changing world of today’s young readers, how do you write dialogue that rings true? In this workshop, Joëlle Anthony covers writing dialogue that sounds believable and authentic, language trends, texting, profanity, and how to use these types of dialogue for maximum effect. We’ll try our hand at writing exercises designed to tighten your dialogue, and discuss whether there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed or if it’s a free-for-all in YA literature these days.