kc dyer


kc dyer lives with assorted offspring and other animals in the wilds north of Vancouver, BC, where she works as a freelance writer and speaker. She has spoken with thousands of kids in schools across Canada from British Columbia to PEI; across the US and in Europe and Asia. kc is a director and long-time participant at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

Her most recent novel is FACING FIRE, a sequel to the acclaimed novel, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, and published by Doubleday. She recently completed a two year stint as writer-in-residence at New Westminster Secondary School, and has been a featured presenter at the National Council of English Teachers in both Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, Ill; YouthWrite in Penticton, BC; Young Authors in Kamloops, BC; Word on the Street Vancouver, Canadian Authors’ Association in Victoria, BC; The Ontario Library Association Super-Conference in Toronto, ON; Simon Fraser University Southbank Writers in Surrey, BC; WriteOn Bowen and many others.

kc is an unrepentant geekgirl, and can be found on-line at www.kcdyer.com and sweetly tweeting @kcdyer.

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 10:30am

Wondering if agents and editors really do discuss business over lunch? Not sure how the agent/editor relationship benefits you as a client? Curious about what a day in the life of an agent or an editor looks like? Bring your questions and join our panel for a peek behind the curtain into the mysterious workings of the publishing business.

Thursday 9:30am

Merge into the writing world with author kc dyer in an intensive three-hour session aimed at beginners. Learn how to read the signs, the safe way to parallel plot, when to apply the brakes and when to break all the limits! Learner’s permits – and writers’ cramp -- guaranteed for all!

Friday 1:30pm

Love it or hate it, social media has become an intrinsic part of the way our world does business, socializes, promotes, and entertains itself. Join our incredible panel for an entertaining, enlightening, wide-ranging discussion on the ins and outs, ups and downs, and dos and don’ts of the virtual world.