Michael Slade

Criminal lawyer MICHAEL SLADE has acted in over one hundred murder cases. His specialty is the law of insanity. He argued the last death penalty case in Canada’s highest court. 
Backed by his forensic experience, Slade’s Special X thrillers fuse the genres of police and legal procedure, whodunit and impossible crime, suspense, history, and horror. Slade was guest of honor at both the Bloody Words crime convention and the World Horror Convention. As Time Out puts it, “A thin line separates crime and horror, and in Michael Slade’s thrillers, the demarcation vanishes altogether.” Slade was guest speaker at the international Police Leadership Conference and several RCMP regimental dinners. As Reader’s Digest puts it, “The Slade books have developed a strong following among police officers because of their strict adherence to proper police procedure.”
Slade is currently converting his 14 Mountie Noir novels to e-books, available here: http://specialx.net/

SiWC Workshops

Saturday 3:30pm
Friday 3:30pm

Join renowned horror and thriller writer and criminal lawyer Michael Slade for insights for writing softboiled cosies, hardboiled thrillers, police procedurals and horror thrillers. He’ll share tricks of the trade and dos and don’ts, too.

Sunday 11:00am

Join the inimitable Michael Slade to explore thrills, chills, mystery, and genre-bending in the digital age.