Peter Rubie


Peter Rubie specializes in a broad range of high-quality fiction and non-fiction. In non-fiction he specializes in narrative non-fiction, popular science, spirituality, history, biography, pop culture, business and technology, parenting, health, self help, music, and food. He is a “sucker” for outstanding writing.

In fiction he represents literate thrillers, crime fiction, science fiction and fantasy, military fiction and literary fiction, middle grade and some boy oriented young adult fiction.

Rubie is a former BBC Radio and Fleet Street journalist and for several years was the director of the publishing section of the New York University Summer Publishing Institute. He was a member of the NYU faculty for 10 years, and taught the only university-level course in the country on how to become a literary agent.

Prior to becoming an agent he was a publishing house editor for nearly six years, whose authors won prizes and critical acclaim. He has also been the editor-in-chief of a Manhattan local newspaper, and a freelance editor and book doctor for major publishers. He was a regular reviewer for the international trade magazinePublishers Weekly, and is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. He is a member of AAR, and regularly lectures and writes on publishing and the craft of writing, and was once a professional jazz musician.

SiWC Workshops

Friday 1:30pm

In this session, agent Peter Rubie will talk specific story premises with the twelve writers in attendance. Additional attendees are welcome to come to listen and learn as Peter brings his experience to bear in evaluating story ideas and talking about what works and what doesn’t and why. (Please sit in the front row if you wish to participate. Up to twelve stories will be discussed, and the front row is first-come, first-served. No seat saving.)

Friday 10:30am

Join our panel of agents for a fast-paced panel on perfecting the elevator pitch. The panel will discuss what makes a great elevator pitch, what not to do, and will maybe even let some of you try yours out in class for feedback.

Saturday 1:30pm

If you want to get published there's a secret you need to know.  It's a secret few writing teachers speak about, and fewer still teach. What is this secret?  Voice.  Some teachers throw up their hands in exasperation and say voice can't even be defined let alone taught, but Peter Rubie disagrees.  If your writing has a true, distinctive voice, you will stop traffic.  Like the creatures of the forest who fell under the spell of Orpheus when he played and sang, a strong and unselfconscious voice in your writing will seduce editors and agents from their busy schedules.  If the essence of writing is thought, then voice is how you put those ideas elegantly and concisely on paper.  It is, like Orpheus, the music of writing; and like all good musicians you must study not only the effectiveness of different types of voice, but the best way to clearly say what you want to say so that your audience is both entranced and entertained. This is a hands-on workshop, so come prepared to write!