Roberta Rich


Roberta Rich was born on January 9th. Not the best time to be born, she thinks, if your birthplace happens to be the buckle on the snow belt, Buffalo, New York. Buffalo remained her home until she struck out on my own and managed to get 73 miles down the New York State Freeway to Rochester. Her life took a turn for the better- better climate, better opportunities.

Writers of a certain vintage always seem to boast of the variety of interesting jobs they held before settling down to write. Jobs like fire breather on the Reforma in Mexico City, or turkey plucker. Roberta says she has not done anything so exotic. Moving from present to past, she have been a divorce lawyer, student, waitress, nurses’ aide, hospital admitting clerk, factory assembly line worker and child.

Roberta lives in Vancouver, B.C. and in Colima, Mexico. She has one husband, one daughter, three step-children, a German Shepherd, tropical fish and parakeets. When in Mexico, she nurtures her husband and her vanilla vines. When in Vancouver she tries to keep dry.

SiWC Workshops

Friday 10:30am

Narrative drive is the X ingredient all editors are looking for- the quality that keeps the readers up all night turning pages and stumbling bleary eyed to work the next morning. The manuscript with narrative drive is the manuscript that will sell. Learn how to create cliff hanging chapter endings, suspenseful plots and tension-filled dialogue.

Sunday 11:00am

Join Roberta Rich for this hands-on session. Learn about creating a historical fiction world using setting, dialogue, character, and voice. Using examples from historical novels, you’ll analyze how authors establish setting and explore the use of dialogue, including the potential differences in syntax and diction from contemporary novels. 

Friday 3:30pm

The historical fiction panel is an SiWC tradition. Our bestselling panelists and moderator know not only what life was like in the time periods and places in history in which they’ve immersed themselves, but how to write about it so that they avoid sounding like that boring professor whose classes you slept through when you bothered to attend at all. Come learn their secrets and enjoy their stories, too.