Robin Spano


Robin Spano grew up in downtown Toronto, studied physics at Mount Allison University, dropped out to travel and explore North America on her motorcycle, worked as a waitress in several towns along the way, and now lives in Lions Bay, BC. When she’s not lost in fiction, she loves to get outside snowboarding, hiking, boating, and riding the curves of the local highways in her big black pick-up truck.

Her historical role model is Winston Churchill, more for his independent thinking than his drinking. Her secret dream was to be one of Charlie’s Angels, but since real life danger terrifies her, she writes crime fiction instead.

She’s a founding member of Off The Page Toastmasters – a public speaking group for writers.

She is married to a man who hates reading and encourages her endlessly. Which is great, because it’s Keith who drags her away from her computer to do all those fun things outside.

SiWC Workshops

Friday 1:30pm

What makes for a great crime novel? Yes, it helps to have original characters and rich thematic undertones, like in literary fiction. But with crime fiction, structure is equally important to leave a reader satisfied. In this session, you'll learn some tricks of the trade—devices to make your mystery or thriller work on a technical level. 

Saturday 1:30pm

Many writers are introverts. Yet to promote a book, we need to place ourselves front and center in the spotlight at literary readings, media interviews, on panels at festivals, and more. This workshop is designed to bring a shy author out of their shell, with focus on strengthening author readings and impromptu speaking/interview skills. Bring a page of your work if you'd like to participate in the reading part, or show up empty handed to test your impromptu skills.