Sandra Vander Schaaf


Sandra Vander Schaaf is a writer, photographer, and workshop facilitator with a passion for stories well told.  Drawing on over twenty years experience in narrative photography and a lifelong love affair with writing, Sandra offers The Art of Seeing workshops to inspire participants to create images that are as meaningful as they are beautiful.  She is the author of Passionate Embrace:  Faith, Flesh, Tango (Clements Publishing, 2013),  and was awarded the Luci Shaw Prize in Creative Writingfor her MA graduating project in 2012.  

SiWC Workshops

Sunday 11:00am

In the world of blogs and social media, writing is no longer only about words.  Increasingly, writers are expected to include visuals of all sorts to engage the interest of often fickle internet surfers and it's not enough to post a cellphone "selfie" every other day.  This workshop will include a brainstorm session for participants to figure out exactly what sort of images would best complement their work and then move on to tips for creating these images.  Sandra will also give tips on how to navigate the world of stock photography and what the rules are with regard to using copyrighted images.  

Friday 1:30pm

This session will focus on The Art of Seeing as fuel for the writer's creative fire.  By drawing parallels to the artistic choices professional photographers make to create meaningful images, photographer and writer Sandra Vander Schaaf will lead several exercises designed to nurture the foundational skills of observation and reflection, enhance understanding of visual perception, explore the role of visual writing in character development and establishing the writer's visual voice, and develop compositional skills. Participants will come away with a fresh understanding of how The Art of Seeing can infuse their writing with greater clarity, depth, and vitality.