Susan Safyan


Susan Safyan is the associate editor at Arsenal Pulp Press in Vancouver where she has edited bestselling and award-winning novels and short stories, memoirs, and history titles, graphic novels, a cornucopia of cookbooks, anthologies both erotic and academic, and more.  Arsenal Pulp Press’s editorial board selectively accepts manuscripts in the areas of:

Gay and lesbian fiction and non-fiction
Multicultural fiction and non-fiction
Cultural studies
Regional non-fiction, in particular for Vancouver
Cookbooks with an international reach
Alternative craft books
Literary fiction and non-fiction (no genre fiction, such as mysteries, thrillers, or romance)
Graphic novels

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*Bio for workshop: Susan Safyan, associate editor at Arsenal Pulp Press, is the author of All Roads Lead to Wells, published by Caitlin Press in 2012. This colourful history of a formative and contentious era tells the stories of a group of idealistic young women and men, self-described “volunteer peasants,” who moved to the tiny town of Wells in British Columbia’s Central Interior as part of the 1970s back-to-the-land movement. In 2003, she edited the collection Reverberations: 25 Years of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. She is currently writing a history of the counterculture in British Columbia.