Masterclass Schedule


9:30 am Morning Master Class (3 hours + 15 minute break)
1:30 pm Afternoon Master Class (3 hours + 15 minute break)
5:30 pm Evening Master Class (3 hours + 15 minute break)

The information on this page refers to the 2014 conference to give you an idea what to expect from SiWC. 2015 information will be posted beginning in the spring.

Thursday Workshops


Presenter: kc dyer
Merge into the writing world with author kc dyer in an intensive three-hour session aimed at beginners. Learn how to read the signs, the safe way to parallel plot, when to apply the brakes and when to break all the limits! Learner’s permits – and writers’ cramp -- guaranteed for all!
Presenter: Eileen Cook
Congratulations!  You've got a completed draft of your manuscript.  This master class will help you with the next stage- editing. How do you know which darlings must be killed, versus which should be saved?  We will discuss different approaches to the editing process and provide practical tips for tackling issues including: story structure, pacing, character development, dialogue, and creating an emotionally satisfying story.  The differences between writing "short" versus writing "long" will be reviewed along with strategies to address both. Bring your manuscript and come ready to work. 


Presenter: Jack Whyte
Jack Whyte returns to offer one of our most requested master classes: manuscript critique. Participants submit three manuscript pages for copying and sharing with the group. Class time is spent getting Jack's feedback and having group discussion aimed at improving, tightening, tearing apart, and putting back together everyone's submissions to make them stronger. This class is limited to 13 participants and always sells out, so register early.
Presenter: Susanna Kearsley
Hemingway once said, "When writing a novel a writer should create living people." This master class takes that advice to heart. Whether you spend time carefully creating profiles for your characters before you write them, or let them develop organically out of the story, we’ll explore ways you can go even deeper—to write three-dimensional people who breathe on the page and connect with your readers.


Presenter: Sean Cranbury
This in depth session will focus on writers - amateur, semi-amateur, professional and semi-pro - using the web to own their identities, brands, stories, and work in a way that maximizes their reach and authentic voice. We will discuss author platforms like WordPress and social media channels like Faceoobk, Twitter, YouTube and others as ways to connect with readers and build audience. We will also discuss case studies on authors who have successfully published traditionally or through online options like Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and others. This session is for writers who want to engage in the media that is theirs to control and leverage for the greater spread of their voice and identity via the web.
Presenter: Don Maass
In the author's mind, most manuscripts are rich in emotion. On the page, though, most manuscripts cause readers to feel little. "Shown" emotions fall flat. "Told" emotions don't affect us. In this hands-on writing workshop, craft guru and agent Donald Maass teaches techniques that produce high emotional impact, regardless of writing style and story type. Participants will learn the methods of fusing emotional arcs and plot, key moments, effective showing, extended telling, emotional layers, revelations and more. A brand new workshop from one of SIWC's most popular presenters.