Masterclass Schedule

Thursday Workshops


Presenter: Danika Dinsmore
Based on the idea of “world-building” as a jumping off place for storytelling, participants will either create a world from scratch or develop further a world they already have in mind. A generative class, we will focus on writing and creative activities to build a space so enticing you (and your readers) won’t want to leave. Utilizing the idea that “everything” has a history, we will delve deep into setting as character, breathe life into sacred objects, and use our imaginary landscapes to explore our character’s interior and exterior journeys. Doing the work in advance is not just about saving writers the hassle later; the process of world-building itself is ultimately inspiring.
Presenter: kc dyer
In which suspiciously colourful author kc dyer attempts to answer all your questions, including the ones you haven’t even thought of yet. Bring note-taking materials and prepare for writer’s cramp! This class is intended for beginners.
Presenter: Liza Palmer
Writing is re-writing, but on the road to our second draft why can’t we just KNOW what needs fixing? Something is not working, something is pulling the reader out of the story and you have no idea how to earn that ending. In this interactive master class we’ll break down your revision by asking the three basic questions you'll need to carve out that second draft.


Everyone has a story they want to tell, whether that is from fiction or part of your life. In this 3 hour workshop, Hugo award-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal will walk you through how to write short stories using a combination of lecture and in class exercises. The session will cover economical prose, effective use of point-of-view and how plot works in short form.
You've already decided self-publishing is for you and have a completed manuscript in hand, but now you're stuck, daunted by all the unknowns in the process. In this practical course, learn the specific steps you need to go from making the decision to having your book out in the world. Topics covered will include editing, formatting, publishing digitally and in print, and lots more. You will leave knowing the steps you need to take to self-publish your book. Authors with recent self-publishing experience, including Eileen Cook and kc dyer, will be on hand to share their experiences from the author perspective, too.
Presenter: Jack Whyte
Back by popular demand, this class always sells out early. This is a hands-on, attendee-participation class in which Jack Whyte offers his own critique of and leads writers through critiques of each other's most troublesome pages. Learn from the critique of your own and your classmates' work. Participants submit pages for critique and copying for all class members. Limited to twelve participants. This class is SOLD OUT. Email to get on the waiting list.


Presenter: Robert Dugoni
From your initial query letter to your published novel, the writer must convey that she understands classic story structure. Bob will teach the fundamental relationship between good stories and journeys and use in-class exercises and assignments to help students better understand story structure so they can evaluate their novel s plot. Students will also be better equipped to make educated choices on such things as the opening chapter, to make critical judgments about the middle of their book, and to ensure that the ending brings into collision the forces the writer has set in motion to deliver an emotionally satisfying conclusion.
Presenter: Laurie McLean
Before anyone sees a word of the amazing book you've written, one you've poured your heart and soul into for months or years, they're going to see your query or hear your pitch at a conference. Great pitches and queries are the key to getting your book in the door so agents and editors have a chance to fall in love with it. Join agent Laurie McLean to learn the secrets of creating a great pitch and crafting a killer query letter.