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Join our agent/author pairs for a discussion about the ins and outs of the agent/author relationship.
Presenter: Jack Whyte
Presenter: Peter Darbyshire
Voice is the most important part of any book. Do you write with the fallen angel lyricism of Raymond Chandler’s detectives? The storytelling magic of Annie Proulx? The pop culture playfulness of Cory Doctorow? Voice tells us what we need to know about the world of the book, who the characters are and what they want. Voice tells us what’s important to the writer — and that tells us what’s important to the reader. The hardest part of learning to write is finding your voice, but once you have it you’ve arrived. Let’s find your voice together.
Presenter: Simon Clews
Still can’t get a publisher to bite? What do they know?! Have you thought about going it alone? Self publishing is now a serious option for writers to consider and light years from what used to be disparagingly referred to as ‘vanity publishing.’ Self publishing is now an acceptable way for the writer to take control of their own work and to interacting a much more direct way with their readership. This workshop aims to teach you how to make your mark in this flourishing sector.


Presenter: Gail Sattler
Learn how to settle into the heads of your characters, get focused, and stay focused. Handle troublesome issues as headhopping, perspective, interpretation of other characters' thoughts who are not the POV character, how to know when you’re slipping into omniscient, and how to make a transition from one character's POV to another.